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Tray Truck

HDJ 80 tray

Cap Mauritanie

Organizers or competitors, we dispose of a complete logistic for mechanical help specific to necessary:

* Fleet of personal

* Fleet of material

* HDJ 80 tray, 2 places, for quick help, equiped with inflation, lighting and fuel (gasoline and diesel), water and more if you need

* Tray truck IVECO,4 wheel drive with differentiel lock in the front and rear and low gear shift.
Specialy modified with generating set, arc welding machine, grinding machine, pneumatics, small varioous tools, 5 T hydraulic winch, a fuel tank (gasoline and diesel) water,Xénon lighting, set of tools, and material of to wing

The minimum care motrobike-car-truck help is possible with a mechanic.

Stocking of vehicles before returning to owner is possible and also stocking in case of ulterior using.

Cap Mauritanie